The 9 High Growth Shifts

The 9 High Growth ShiftsIntroducing The 9 High Growth Shifts

Becoming MASC Strategically Aligned is the overarching goal which businesses aspiring to become high growth should aim to reach. Implementing The 9 High Growth Shifts are the practical steps by which that goal can be best and most easily achieved.

The 9 High Growth Shifts are also the core characteristics and behaviours that we found most high growth businesses have in common that are enabling them to meet the MASC Strategic Alignment criteria and to achieve high growth.

Together MASC Strategic Alignment & The 9 High Growth Shifts make a powerful solution for businesses wishing to achieve sustainable, profitable high growth.

The 9 High Growth Shifts are explained in detail in our 1 hour webinar 

Turning On Your Sales Tap To High Growth
(a recording of this can be viewed anytime by following the link below)


or alternatively by reading the nine Ebooks indicated against each of the Shifts listed below. 

The 9 High Growth Shifts are also the basis of our Masterclasses and our Masters of Business Growth Programme.

The 9 High Growth Shifts are:

  1. Ditch The Rose Tinted Glasses – Take A Reality Check.
  2. Shift Your Paradigm – Become A Market-Led Business.
  3. Understand Your Market Opportunity – Develop Focus, Knowledge & Passion
  4. Lead The Business’, Don’t ‘Be The Business’ – Head Up A Winning Team 
  5. Strategise Not Fantasise – Winning Formulas for Growth 
  6. Innovate to Dominate – Be Different Be Better 
  7. Make Marketing Matter – Become A Marketing Magnet 
  8. Feel The Fear & Sell Like You Mean It – Become A Selling Machine 
  9. Plan, Prepare & Behave Like Winners Implement The 9 Shifts 

A High Growth Shift A Day

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Each Shift is simply explained in a few pages and includes a case study example.

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