High Growth Assessment & Coaching Sessions

High Growth Assessment & Coaching SessionHigh Growth Assessment & Coaching Sessions

If you have never tried expert coaching in your business, now here is your chance. We are offering a free one hour 1:1 High Growth Assessment & Coaching Sessions (by phone or Skype) to any UK based business subject to:

  • The business must operate in B2B markets i.e. not a retailer
  • The business must have or aspire to  an annual turnover of >£250k
  • The coaching session must be with the business leader (e.g. Managing Director / Partner or majority shareholder).
  • To have completed the  High Growth Assessment & Coaching Sessions – application form (see link below)
  • To have watched our FREE  ONE HOUR WEBINAR “Turning On Your Sales Tap To High Growth” or have attended our Discover The Secrets Of High Growth Businesses Masterclass.


High Growth Assessment & Coaching Sessions

Your session will be with one of our SME business growth experts. The basic format for this session is:

  • Our expert will briefly discuss your completed application form with you to ensure they understand your business and your growth aspirations and challenges.
  • They will then use the MASC™ Strategic Alignment Road Map & The 9 High Growth Shifts as a benchmark to discuss with you current growth strategies and identify any gaps in your business model.
  • They will then help you focus on the key challenges that emerge from the assessment and consider the alternative stratgeic options you have for moving forward and achieving higher levels of business growth.
  • If applicable, they will discuss with you the various support options that B2BGrowth may be able to offer you in terms of either coaching support, training or consultancy, or simply refer you to other sources of support that you may wish to consider.

The outcome of High Growth Assessment & Coaching Sessions will depend to a degree on how much information you share with our expert in your application form and during the session. We guarantee that the form and the session will be conducted in strict confidence and the information you share with us will only be used for the purpose of helping you during the session and will not be shared or used outside of our organisation.