B2BGrowth Services

B2BGrowth Services


B2BGrowth Services

  • Masters of Business Growth Programme
  • High Growth Business Masterclasses
  • High Growth Assessment & Coaching
  • Strategic Marketing Reviews
  • High Growth Consultancy Projects
  • Access To Business Finance

Masters of Business Growth Programme

Our core high growth business development programme is called “Turning on Your Sales Tap To High Growth”. This programme is designed to teach and inspire you with the knowledge you need to transform your business’s growth potential and substantially grow your sales and profits on an ongoing basis. The programme is based around acheiving MASC Strategic Alignment through the implementaion of The 9 High Growth Shifts


Watch our  pre-recorded 1 hour webinar for the complete story. Book your FREE place using button below.


High Growth Business Masterclasses

Discover The Secrets of High Growth Businesses – MasterclassThis 4 hour Masterclass is delivered by our two Business Growth Experts.
You are guaranteed to leave better informed and ready to take action towards achieving your own High Growth Business. READ MORE>>


High Growth Assessment & Coaching Sessions

To be the very best you can be at most things usually requires some 3rd party expert coaching. Our very best athletes, sportspeople and teams all use and need expert coaches. Being the very best you can be at business is no different. Business coaches are used by just about every major firm and by many key individuals. The fact is none of us knows everything, none of us remembers all we know and none of us are capable of being 100% objective about ourselves and our business.

What Business People Say About High Growth Assessment & Coaching Sessions

“A fresh pair of eyes on our problems”: “A wall to bounce my ball off” : “Fresh & innovative ideas – not conventional wisdom” ; “Someone to share the load with” : “Two heads are better than one” : “Knowledge and expertise beyond that we already have” : “The experience of other businesses with similar problems and opportunities”



Strategic Marketing Reviews

We can help you to:

  • Review existing and develop new viable market opportunities.
  • Align company vision, objectives and leadership with market opportunities.
  • Develop viable market positioning, customer propositions and competitive strategies.
  • Create effective processes for finding, winning, keeping and growing customers.
  • Implement cost effective and powerful marketing and sales activities.
  • Identify and remedy areas of weakness or unexploited strength in your business.



The result of a Strategic Marketing Review is a clear and achievable new business vision based on a viable and focused market opportunities, complete with realistic growth objectives and workable new strategies and action plans. Speak to us now about your Strategic Marketing challenges.

MASC Strategic Alignment & The 9 High Growth Shifts
Consultancy Projects

Unlike coaching, consultancy is where the B2BGrowth team take on many of the tasks that might otherwise be undertaken by the business in order to resolve business growth challenges. These would typically be internal reviews, market research, strategy development, business planning and various elements of implementation support. Consultancy projects are by their nature bespoke but we still use and apply the MASC & 9 High Growth Shifts models as the basis for consultancy projects.

Access To Business Finance

B2BGrowth has considerable experience in helping SMEs raise investment. In order to raise new finance your business needs to demonstrate to potential backers and give them confidence in your ablity to repay/reward the investment. We use the MASC Strategic Alignment model as the basis of creating viable business plans that do this and show investors that:

  1. MARKET: That the business is targeting a sufficiently substantial and sustainable market opportunity to justify the investment.
  2. AMBITION: That the business has a viable business plan with clear goals and objectives and the leadership skills to achieve them.
  3. STRATEGY: That the business is pursuing a sound competitive strategy to ensure it can find, win and retain the profitable sales it will need.
  4. CAPABILITIES: That the business has the right people, products, processes and systems to deliver its objectives

Through our relationship with BAFI a Business Angels finance company we are able to help businesses evaluate their investment needs, develop appealing investment propositions, indentify suitable investment sources and complete negotiations.

Please contact us to speak about how we can help you gain access to finance