An Introduction To MASC Strategic Alignment – Lessons in Creating High Growth by Martin L.Ellis

This little but powerful book shares with you the experience gained from over 400 Business Growth consultancy projects with small and medium sized UK companies. In a non-jargon and frank way it sets out what differentiates those companies who consistently achieve strong growth from those who don’t. The book introduces MASC Strategic Alignment, which is the unique business growth model that emerged from these 400 projects. The book not only provides an invaluable checklist of the important business activities that are characteristic of high growth companies, but also the ‘magic ingredient’ that is missing from those companies struggling for growth. If you are serious about creating long term sustainable profitable growth for your business, and not looking for a quick fix but a more strategic approach, then this book is a must read.

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“My Marketing Isn’t Working” – How to use strategic marketing to create business growth – Susan Banfield & Martin Ellis

“My Marketing Isn’t Working” is a concise introduction to Strategic Marketing for B2B companies. It states that ineffective marketing is the most common reason given by companies struggling with business growth. It explains how these companies are usually over focused on marketing communications and ignore the more strategic aspects of marketing that underpin marketing success. It encourages a market-led business philosophy and introduces MASC Strategic Alignment.

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“The Secrets of High Growth Businesses” by Susan Banfield & Martin Ellis

‘The Secrets of High Growth Businesses’ is based on the findings from the B2BGrowth authors combined experience of over 1000 SME Business Growth coaching and consultancy projects. Using their vast experience they set out to explain what differentiates High Growth Businesses from all the rest and what the common attributes and behaviours of High Growth Businesses are that others can learn from and replicate. The B2BGrowth authors have defined what they see as the nine common attributes and behaviours found in a large number of SME High Growth Businesses. They have then described these as ‘The 9 High Growth Shifts’ that any business could take in order to significantly improve their High Growth potential. The book works through each of ‘The 9 High Growth Shifts’ in turn explaining what each Shift actually is and the benefits of making it.

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