B2BGrowth Testimonials

B2BGrowth Testimonials

Susan Banfield & Martin Ellis – B2BGrowth Experts

B2BGrowth Testimonials

The following is a selection of B2BGrowth experts testimonials from clients covering a wide range of industry sectors and company sizes.  Over the last 20+ years we have worked with over 1000 businesses on business growth projects ranging from 1:1 coaching, consultancy projects and training programmes. These have included international companies such as Credit Suisse, NatWest Bank, Biesse Group, Courtaulds, Tata Group and many others. Since forming B2BGrowth our focus has been on the SME community as reflected by these testimonials. Our aim being to take the lessons about business growth we have learnt from these larger companies and share them smaller ones.


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“CWT Chamber Training operates in a highly dynamic and competitive market place that requires us to be constantly on top of our game in order to maintain growth.

Martin has been working with us for a good number of years helping us to develop and implement competitive strategies that have enabled us to keep ahead of our competitors and succeed where others have failed. Martin was instrumental in helping us develop our current business growth strategy which requires a substantial shift in our market positioning.

He has taken us through the process of formulating this new approach and continues to advise and coach us as we implement the new strategy and address the many issues it raises.

Martin is our ‘go to person’ in this regard, and we have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing business growth coaching.”

Janetta Ryan – Operations Director – CWT Chamber Training


“As a start-up digital agency, we know that creativity and efficiency are the watch words for any new business. Since starting on the Growth Accelerator programme nearly 12 months ago, Susan has been a constant support for us in this way.

She has shared with us her insight into marketing techniques, helped us set up proof-of-concept workshops with current clients and shown us how to adapt to this feedback in order to improve this offer to future prospects.

In our regular catch-up meetings, Susan has been an invaluable source of optimism and energy, and while our journey isn’t over – we wouldn’t be on the right path without her expertise.”

  Alan Coates, Managing Director – 44 Digital


“I am happy to recommend Martin, after almost 3 years of working with him we now regard him as one of our team. 

Martin has worked hard to understand our business needs and in doing this has made a vast impact on driving our marketing strategy forward during which he has exceeded all our expectations.”

  Allen Matty – Managing Director – West Midlands Chambers of Commerce


“Susan is a very skilled marketing and business growth advisor. 

Just a brilliant person to know and has such a deep knowledge of so much stuff, which Susan generously imparts to business owners who are passionate about their business. What more can I say!”

  Graham Hill, Managing Director – Verbatim, The Phone Answering Service


“Martin provides first class strategic advice at board level and also very useful detailed market analysis for day to day marketing decisions. He has an ability to quickly obtain accurate information about customers and competitors.”
  Rod Turner – Chairman – Whale Tankers Ltd

www.dandelime.com & www.emblime.com

“Susan has been helping us out from the beginning, and has a great deal of enthusiasm for our design work, and provides valuable marketing expertise through consultancy. 

Will value Susan as a key factor in our forward progress.”

  Tom Walton, Owner & Designer – Dandelime Design & Emblime


“Martin has helped one of our companies enormously and is currently in the process of doing the same with another company of ours. I have seen a few consultants over the years for various things and Martin does stand out for all the right reasons. He is very unassuming and easy to talk to at any level, directors or shop floor. He has a very relaxed manner and is good at getting to the core issues calmly, quickly and in a very pleasant way.

He is able to explain, verbally, his findings back to each party so we clearly see and understand what we ought to be doing or achieving and why. His written presentations are a good balance of detail, but to the point, and not difficult to follow. Martin is a very experienced and knowledgeable person both in his field and across a range of topics. He appears to be right up to date with technology and making it work for you. Martin is also good at knowing who else to talk to if he doesn’t have the answer.

Unusually, I did ask Martin to help us implement his plan and actually make it happen. This is exactly what he is doing with us now and I have absolutely no regrets.”

  Allan Ballard – Managing Director Production Design & Supply Ltd

“Susan is one of the nicest people I know. She is also wise, knowledgeable, expert, a creative thinker, and a real help as a general business advisor and as a marketing advisor. Over the last six months I have met her many times. I like the soundness of her advice. 

She exudes a reassuring steadiness, clarity of purpose and she will focus on important details. There have been times when I have overlooked things, forgotten to do the obvious, etc., and she will say, you should be doing.. or have you done..? What is really great about her is that she one of those people who not only knows a lot, but also knows how to explain it. She is in every sense one of the best people I know.”

  Cornelius Cavendish, Owner – CRC Writing Services



“Martin came to me highly recommended as a business growth consultant and coach. He worked with me to analyse, appraise and map our existing business organisation and practices and then further to coach me through the process of developing a new plan for our future direction and growth.

Our business, although small, is quite complex and very seasonal. It is also heavily reliant on overseas suppliers, ecommerce and 3rd party distribution. Most of our business structure and relationships have evolved organically over recent years without any significant planned definitive objectives or goals.

Martin worked with me one to one over a series of sessions teasing out all the issues that this evolution had created and that included those of my own vision for the business which was less than clear at the time. Martin helped me through making some difficult decisions and together we produced a new vision, a strategic plan and an action plan to start to move the business forward.”

Ian Amis – Director – Simac Marketing Limited


“If you have the opportunity to work with Susan Banfield, then grab it with both hands. 

As a mentor she is one of the best. She listens to what you are trying to achieve and not only supports with ideas and options but also can offer practical help through her extensive network of contacts. She also challenges your thinking which enables you to come up with ideas that you hadn’t originally thought of. Nothing is too much trouble, she is the wind beneath your wings!”

Dylis Guyan, International Sales and Marketing Leader, Coach and Speaker


“Martin has been a trusted business advisor to Optimed over many years and we greatly value his advice and coaching input. His knowledge and experience brings an important new dynamic to our management thinking and capabilities.

I am very happy to recommend Martin as a business growth coach to any company. They will find him to be a great asset in helping them face the inevitable challenges of growing a successful business.”

Mr. Rohit Davé – Director – Optimed Ltd


Martin is a thorough marketing professional, who has a wide-range of substantial skills to offer. He ensures that manufacturing businesses are aided with the right knowledge to effectively research and explore new possible marketing opportunities. This is achieved using Martins methods of marketing techniques and utilizing the right tools to monitor progress. I highly recommend Martin if you are an SME looking to grow your business, as his influence has proven a great success for our business.

Pete Jones – Ramsay Rubber Ltd

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