About B2BGrowth

About B2BGrowth

B2BGrowth was formed with one simple mission in mind……

To provide the business leaders of small and medium sized companies with the knowledge, skills, tools and expert advice needed to grow their businesses.

In other words to help them fulfil their personal and business potential and to achieve high growth.

B2BGrowth was founded by Susan Banfield and Martin Ellis who between them have now worked with well over a 1,000 B2B businesses on Business Growth projects. These businesses have ranged from start-ups to multi-nationals but have mostly been established small and medium sized companies in the UK. 

Because we have worked with so many different businesses trading in so many different markets we have been able to study, analyse and learn the true differences between those companies that are successful in achieving High Growth and those that aren’t. 

B2BGrowth has taken that vast experience and converted it into two core business development models:

1 – M-A-S-C Market-Led B2B Development Model
This simple business road map examines the strategic relationship between the Market place, the business’s Ambitions, its competitive Strategies and its internal Capabilities that is needed in order for a business to be able to achieve high growth.

2 – The 9 High Growth Shifts
These are the most common behaviours and characteristics found in high growth businesses that form the basis of the nine practical Shifts that businesses can implement to become MASC Strategically Aligned and thereby achieve high growth.

Susan Banfield DipM & Digital AssoCIM

Susan made BT and Cable and Wireless millions as a product manager launching new products and services in the 80s and 90s. She then set up her own business 15 years ago and has helped hundreds of business owners grow successfully through the latest no fluff and no frills marketing and sales practices. Susan is a founding partner of B2BGrowth, owner of S2M Marketing and is also a registered expert provider and an Associate with BAFI, an Angel Finance firm and delights in finding money to help good businesses to grow.

Susan has co-authoured with Martin Ellis “My Marketing Isn’t Working – How To Use Strategic Marketing to Create Business Growth” and “The Secrets of High Growth Businesses” and “Its All Changed – 66 Practical Down To Earth Steps to Growing Your Business” with Nigel Botterill and Rob Banfield.

Martin Ellis MBA, DipM FInstSMM

A recognised expert in market-led and marketing driven growth strategies for SMEs. Martin is a founding partner of B2BGrowth and is also currently Managing Director of Marketing-Wiz Ltd and a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing. With over 25 years consulting and coaching experience, Martin has over 500 business growth projects in his portfolio. Prior to consultancy Martin held Directorships & senior positions in both large national corporations and substantial SME companies. Martin is registered as an expert provider the UK Government’s Department of Innovation & Skills and for the SME Instrument of the European Commission.

Martin has authored the book “An Introduction To MASC Strategic Alignment – Lessons in Creating High Growth” and co-authoured with Susan Banfield “My Marketing Isn’t Working – How To Use Strategic Marketing to Create Business Growth” and “The Secrets of High Growth Businesses”.